Evan Zelikovitz, CHAIR MOL Archive project
Evan is president of his own public affairs and crisis communications consultancy, as well as Senior Counselor and Canadian representative for APCO Worldwide, an international public affairs consulting company headquartered in Washington, D.C.
Evan was a chaperon for the Ottawa March of the Living contingent in 2012 and shortly thereafter accepted a request to Chair the MOL Archive project. He is the new incoming Chair of the Management Committee of the Canada Israel Experience (CIE) and sits on the board of Camp B’nai Brith of Ottawa. Evan has been extensively involved in volunteer work for the Ottawa Jewish community for more than 20 years.

Naomi Wise, PRODUCER MOL Archive project
Naomi is an award winning television and video producer, director and cinematographer with over 25 years experience working on documentaries, televisions series and videos for non-profit organizations including Greenpeace, The National Ballet of Canada, Soulpepper Theatre company, Doctors of the World, and Ve’ahavta. Wise first went on the March of the Living as a videographer in 1996 and has been producing videos for the organization and documenting Holocaust survivor testimonies for over 15 years.

contact: [email protected]

Eli Rubenstein, NATIONAL DIRECTOR, March of the Living Canada
Eli Rubenstein is National Director of the March of the Living, and the founder of the March of Remembrance and Hope, an educational initiative for college and university students of diverse faiths and ethnic backgrounds designed to teach about the grave consequences of hatred and prejudice through the study of the Holocaust in Poland & Germany. Eli is also the editor of a collection of poetry, prose, and art on the Holocaust composed by North American participants in the March of the Living. The book For You Who Died I Must Live On…Reflections on the March of the Living was the recipient of a Canadian Jewish Book Award. In addition to his work with Holocaust education, Eli the religious leader at Congregation Habonim in Toronto, a celebrated Jewish storyteller and President of the Israel Guide Dog Centre for the Blind.

contact:  [email protected]


Peter St. Laurent – Story editor/writer

Igal Hecht – Videographer/editor

Katka Reska – Videographer/editor

Slawomir Grunberg – Videographer

Edwin Janzen – Editor

Jennifer Paterson – Video archiving and logging

Sabreena Peters – Editor/coordinator

Derreck Roemer – Editor

Janice Carolin-(Volunteer) – Video archiving and logging


Lara Silberklang – Product manager, grant writer, consultant